2 Disappointing Endings and More

In our literary ravels, we’ve discussed post-Communist Czech writer Milan Kundera and his wonderful novels and we’ve even talked a little bit about William Shakespeare. Recently, some disappointing findings have come to light.

  1. Milan Kundera was accused of betraying his countryman and according to this recent, fascinating article, it seems that the case against him is strong. As in, indisputable.
  2. Shakespeare was proved to be quite a looker, but is now maybe going back to being plain, old Shakespeare. Too bad.

And in some news ala Art Ravels, Alessandro Twombly’s most recent paintings look a lot like his father’s, the more famous painter Cy Twombly. See the photos, you decide (just like Fox news, except I’m both better looking and informed).

For ‘edification’ or a laugh, read MSN’s ‘How to Talk about Art’ in case you were reading this blog and were unsure about how to leave a comment. Then laugh at its ridiculous advice, and say whatever the hell you are thinking.

I do have a great video coming, but due to unfortunate/stupid/annoying embeding problems, you’ll have to hold on the edge of your seat in the meantime.

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