$5 Art (that’s not on a poster)? OK!

Red Deer – Bibliotheque German Parliament – Berlin by artists Maslen & Mehra, limited edition number 3 of 5, Durst Lambda print on aluminum and silicon mounted acrylic.

Enough said–here’s my credit card.

The above print (valued at $3,600) is being raffled off by BECA (Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art) gallery. BECA’s program for emerging artists has come under financial strain, as have many in the current market. One of it’s supporters has donated Red Deer by Maslen and Mehra, and the gallery is raffling it off to raise money. For $5 dollars, this is an art lovers lottery! Not to mention that by buying a ticket you support emerging artists. Click here to buy tickets and learn more about BECA. Click here to learn more about Maslen and Mehra’s strongly formulated work, which deals with the modern relationship to our environment.

Now if only Sotheby’s would get the same idea.

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