Art Buzz NYC
Picasso at Gagosian, and what Gagosian is doing with old artists in this clime (Piero Manzoni). proven artists always a sound investment? showing his cachet? using as brand strategy for marketing when he has no other use of the space?
MoMA films
Christie’s auction house

Moma bicycle parking and half priced admission
video link to James Kalm
Sophie Calle at the Paul Cooper gallery
Impressionist Paintings at BMA
Francesco Simeti, Ilana Halperin, Saul Becker “Spring Exhibitions” at Artists Space+ Ludovica Gioscia “Tiger Economy” at Sara Tecchia Roma New York+ Stan Narten “New paintings” at Kravets|Wehby Gallery+ “Never Late Than Better” curated by Trong Gia Nguyen at EFA Gallery
FRIDAY:+ Michael Wetzel “Supper Club” at John Connelly Presents

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