A Scrinch Lurks Deep Inside

This is a Scrinch. It combines a Scrooge and a Grinch. A Scrooge is miserly and a Grinch is miserable; both are the opposite of the Christmas spirit infusing the web and the world currently.
What does every other website have up right now? Holiday cheer, from photos to kitchen tips. What does this website have up? A Scrinch–his name is Ratter.

With the exception on one highly amusing Christmas party footage on this blog, I have not yet given it over to photos of snow angels. It’s because a little Scrinch lives in the cold cockles of my blog, doling out seriousness and stress rather than merriment. He’s the little voice crying, “Too much to do, must keep working.” He does not yet have the Christmas spirit.

So I hugged the little Scrinch and tried to squeeze him into the Christmas spirit. He cried ‘bah humbug’ and bit my nose. So I stuffed him with fruitcake, but he only burped on me. I rubbed him with mistletoe, and the little bugger sneezed on me with evil glee. ‘Hah!’, Ratter cried.

But it’s a precarious thing for a Scrinch, however unmerry, to live in a blog. I couldn’t get rid of Ratter, and I couldn’t make him feel the Christmas spirit. But I could dress him up and surround him with hearts and elves! Ratter’s been very quiet every since I gave him a present. Gifts soften the meanest little quibbles…

Happy holidays to Ratter and to all a merry Christmas Eve!

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