Aftermath: Haitian Art

Lately I happened to have been reading about Haitian Art, which gives me a familiarity when I read about the destruction the earthquake caused the nation’s art treasures, in particular the Centre d’Art in Port-au-Prince. It was the beginning of many artists, such as Hector Hippolyte, and the means by which many artists gained worldwide recognition.

As with most of the city, the Centre d’Art has been largely destroyed. However, it pains me to see these matters discussed as widely as they are being discussed. It’s too soon. While many artworks have not survived, neither have some artists, a representative subset of a much larger population. Column inches and relief efforts should be directed toward the people. I hope help goes to where it is needed most.

2 thoughts on “Aftermath: Haitian Art

  1. It is tragedy all around. How to respond best is a tough question.

    To stop myself from going off the deep end, I refrained from commenting on the FB messages I have seen encouraging others to save the dogs and cats of Haiti.

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