Another Kippenberger at MoMA video?

Some might say I’m cannibalizing my own content value by showing you another, better (in some respects) video of the Martin Kippenberger exhibition. My video is here, by the way.

This video tour is by New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz. I knew something like this was in the works. When I was doing the a little video reconnaissance, I bumped into Saltz, a camera guy, and a MoMA employee. I followed part of their filming through the exhibition and really enjoyed listening to Saltz. Also, watching him stand next to the sculpture Martin, Into the Corner, You Should be Ashamed of Yourself was quite fun.

So in terms of video, let’s see how things stack up.

Jerry Saltz’s Video V. Art Ravel’s Video

Non-shaky camera v. Some very wobbly bits
Clear sound levels v. Awesome soundtrack
Access to exhibition v. Difficulty getting images
Knowledge of artist v. Charmingly fresh perspective (?)

My gorilla effort may not have the polished production of New York Magazine’s; in fact, it barely has transitions. Even so, I think between my music and my lovely self, it’s a fun romp through the MoMA show. Perhaps I’m biased.

*Commenters who prefer my video will be sent a brownie.

5 thoughts on “Another Kippenberger at MoMA video?

  1. I lack the technical savy to post a picture of a brownie here.

    So, all you intelligent commentors who preferred my video, this is a


    it is brown, thick, choclately and almost gooey in the very center. The upper crust is firm, and occassionally your teeth crunch on some walnuts as you bite it (unless you don’t like walnuts, in which case don’t visualize them). You realize as you begin to devour the brownie that it is the most delicious one that you have ever eaten.

    You are now filled with gratitude toward Art for giving you the most delicious, calorie-free brownie you have ever experienced.

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