Art Isn’t Dead


I’m hoping the embed option for this video actually starts to work. If not, check it out at New York Magazine’s website. Jerry Saltz did a tour of 24th Street to show that Chelsea is still functioning and thriving. Going to Gagosian might not prove that, but it will provide some nice clips of the work by Murakami I was discussing yesterday. He starts the video with the other show in the gallery, which I didn’t love. To his credit, he focuses on the less annoying works.

Shiny metallic purple = 80s much?

The video is meant to accompany an article that says the gallery system isn’t dead–galleries are existing and new artwork is being shown and made. I like Jerry Saltz and I like his writing. I would like to take a class at the Bruce High Quality Foundation he talks about. But in this video he highlights a few very well established and commercially successful galleries that are still showing art. But of course.

3 thoughts on “Art Isn’t Dead

  1. I enjoyed the video and actually really liked seeing the close up of Murakami’s painting. Much more interesting closeup of his painting and while I still don’t like the whole image I liked the paintwork and design closeup.

    It seems like some in every generation wants to declare art is dead, or dictate what is art and who is or isn’t an artist. Meanwhile everyone seems to just get on with it, and thank goodness for that.

  2. “Caught on Camera” 2 seconds into video in my Green Top and big smile at Jerry who I instigated to do the bit on Murakami
    first before the rest of the sculpture at GoGo’s. Of course, a crowd gathered and he was no longer A-lone with his video camera guy. I think my legs and my feet are also in there somewhere. The most fun was off camera! We missed you on Saturday.

  3. JafaBrit, I’m glad you could see how it was painted close up. It’s beautifully done.

    ArtChick, yeah–your 15 minutes has started. Wonder what will happen next?

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