Nope, not the movie (which I am eager to see 3-D), but Beijing artist Cao Fei. She has some perceptive comments on how people behave in virtual realities like Second Life or her project, RMB City. The more time I spend online, the more I think of it as a virtual reality for myself. My blog is my virtual home. If that makes the picture in the sidebar my avatar, I must find a photo where my hands don’t take up the whole picture.

Art:21 is a documentary series on contemporary visual artists, and this clip comes from season 5, fantasy episode. A part of PBS, the site allows you to watch their content online, but unfortunately season 5 isn’t up yet.

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  1. fascinating, especially in the context of the work I’m currently doing concerning choice and identity. I was recently reading up on Chinese gold farmers-game playing and selling gold, health or powers online. Interesting that Fei finds people so true to their offline persona given the options that exist. Virtual food for thought.

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