Ayn Rand’s Frank Lloyd Wright Cottage

In 1937, Ayn Rand asks Frank Lloyd Wright for an interview to discuss a novel she is writing. Years later, she gets a house, or at least this design of a “cottage.” (The writing studio on the top level sounds incredible.) The whole story is fascinating, and for those of you who have read The Fountainhead, you can guess who she modeled Roark on. If you’re really enamored of it, this sketch is up for sale.

This has got me thinking of my ideal home. I would like it to project off the top floor of a apartment building so that it arcs dramatically over the street below. Maybe I would have an apartment spread over two facing buildings with an enclosed glass walkway between, one apartment would be my private apartment and one my public where people could visit. Of course, I’ve also always thought the water towers could be turned into really neat urban bungalows.

But, in order that any of this may actually happen, I’m going to get back to story boarding the novel. Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “Ayn Rand’s Frank Lloyd Wright Cottage

  1. It’s cool, right? I love the idea of her as a young and unknown novelist writing to the biggest architect of the day to ask for an interview.

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