Best Post Ever

I haven’t blogged since Friday, and I truly truly meant to yesterday, but obviously that didn’t happen. So I truly planned to make this up by writing the BEST POST EVER.

[Insert BEST POST EVER here]

I don’t even have the BEST EXCUSE EVER–I went home to Georgia for a week. I got back late Sunday night. Yesterday I spent about three hours opening everything that had been sent to me and a solid hour dithering before I weakly began to do something about it. Then I succumbed to TV shows and two historical novels I wanted to finish. This is not the stuff blog posts are made of. I could tell you a bit about how I painstakingly listed each scene of my novel, cut up the paper into scenes, and played with their order until I had restructured my plot. (It was a more refined version of the post-its I showed you.) Then, however, you would know how long I’ve been stuck on it! I wish I had just written it this way in the first place, but ultimately I’m really glad to be excited about it again. It was like an albatross hanging on my neck.

So yes, this is just a ‘hello’ for now. I have to make myself a cup of tea and get some work done. Tomorrow: a MIDDLING – BEST POST is on the agenda! (I promise : )

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