Blog Giveaway: Sketchbook Project from Art House Co-op

Got the doodles? The grand art of doodling deserves more respect than it commands. If you have an itching for the pristine pages of a new sketchbook, some inspiration, and a way to share your work with the world, have I got the blog giveaway for you: the folks over at Art House Co-op in Brooklyn organize worldwide art projects, and today they are offering a chance for 3 readers of Art Ravels to win a Sketchbook Project Monthly: April.

Each month the community votes on a theme for its sketchbook, and then you have two months to work on the sketchbook that they mail you. The theme for April is “in these shoes.” “In these shoes” is just a place to start, so feel free to use the books to try out new things, tighten up your skills, or just have fun. Mail it back, and it will be included in the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library where anyone can come in and look through it. Steven and Shane started Art House Co-op in Georgia in 2006 before opening the Brooklyn Art Library in Redhook this past February, so if you’re in NYC you can check out your new neighbors and your new work at the same time!

Here’s what to do: leave a comment inspired by this month’s theme by next Wednesday, April 7 11:59 pm. (If you don’t have a blog, send me an email address at which to contact you if you win.) I will then write your name on a piece of paper and enter you into my super high-tech coffee mug drawing, winner to be announced next Thursday. Maybe this time next week a new sketchbook will be on its way to your door!

8 thoughts on “Blog Giveaway: Sketchbook Project from Art House Co-op

  1. What an awesome giveaway!

    (No, I don’t have a comment on the theme, and that’s because I can’t sketch so would be useless in this project anyway. :-p)

  2. I was just talking to my mom today about whether or not it’s OK to wear used shoes. Which makes me think of that Elvis Costello song lyric “You act like your above me but you still get used shoes.” Right. I wear used shoes (along with used clothes) but I won’t buy them for my daughter. She has shoes that cost about a million times more than mine. That’s love. 🙂

  3. I like walking in my shoes. Sometimes when I’m walking in my shoes, I wonder “Wow! Do I know these shoes? How do they feel accompanying me on my countless adventures. They may need a nap.”

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