Blogging Street Art

Street art is a lot like blogs. It’s about an individual voice being thrown out into the public arena, adorning a public space with commentary. Some blogs might get a lot of attention, like the artists who covered the facade of the Tate Modern last year or Whole in the Wall, but most don’t. Trolling through different links or streeets, you never know what you come across, creating a landscape of surprise.

Blogs also might document street art better than Whole in the Wall exhibition I vlogged about yesterday. In the video, I said that the street art seems to be heading into a fine art, spraypaint-on-canvas-on-wall direction. I take that back.

Street art is still being done on the streets, and there are a number of blogs that document it. You can see how it plays against and becomes a part of its enviornment, often with a sense of humor (like Little People!), and how it can surprise you with an element of beauty where you would least expect it. So to balance out the white box and gilt rooms of my video yesterday, see these websites that document street art still in the street;

3 thoughts on “Blogging Street Art

  1. I’m a huge fan of Wooster. I especially love the one from today with the installation of the leg hanging over the building. So fun.

  2. I liked the leg too, Anna!

    Lusty, yes, these blogs have taken on a great project. These are mostly NYC-based, but I imagine other cities have their own.

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