Book Club: Extreme Decisions

The Good: I’m starting a book club! It’s called, creatively enough, Contemporary Fiction Club (CFC to those in the know). At least for now anyhow…

The Bad: I’m floundering in impossible choices. A good book club is a lot of pressure!

What books should my fledgling book club read? My co-founder and I think focusing on contemporary fiction would be fun. But then, I’ve picked up some poor fiction choices lately. The book should obviously be well-written and discussion-worthy. Hopefully it will lure people of all kinds into thinking CFC is the best book club ever. I feel like this is an impossible decision, and important because I want everyone to come back. Any thoughts?

And then there’s the additional worry of how to handle the meetings. Should I have questions? Let people just talk?

All suggestions welcome. Also please note, despite the above pathetic ramblings, I’m actually hosting a lovely brilliant book club full of intelligent and fascinating discussion, so it would be the highlight of your literary life to come to our first meeting–Feb 2!

2 thoughts on “Book Club: Extreme Decisions

  1. Print or come up with book questions, but don’t absolutely stick to them. Be willing to go off on a tangent about t.v. or someone’s day at work or whatever.

    Have lots of snacks.

    Read environmental books, like _Strange as This Weather Has Been_

    Read _Cloud Atlas_, _White Teeth,_ anything by Richard Powers.

    Invite writing teacher friends from Michigan to come to book club meetings.

    if you get bored, read

  2. hah, all are welcome. I actually made up a little blog for the club so people can also follow online. Beware what sort of food, or you’ll end up like those high-maintenance book clubs the NY Times wrote about

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