BORDERS Exhibition

BORDERSfb BORDERS, an exhibition of nine American artists currently on Fulbright grants in Europe, is being curated by myself and co-curator and artist Trevor Amery. Exploring the notion of geographical and cultural boundaries, the BORDERS Berlin Fulbright Exhibition is the first-ever exhibition of Fulbright grantees. It coincides with the German Fulbright Commission’s Berlin Seminar, which brings together current grantees in all disciplines, and it gives the visual artists a chance to present their work to each other, the Fulbright community, and Berlin. We’re in the 20-day countdown, and I’m really psyched about how it is all coming together and that the good folks at Staycation Museum are hosting us.

Please check out the exhibition website and Facebook invitation and, if you’re in Berlin March 19th, I hope you will join for the exhibition opening!

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