Buzz Buzz: Chris Ofili at Tate Britain

If you haven’t heard, you have probably been living under a rock or on a remote island. Chris Ofili’s name is popping up everwhere, and the press coverage is certainly having an effect on me: I want to go!

Installation View, Tate Britain

Ofili is having a retrospective–which feels off to me, for a 41 year old whose work is evolving to already have a retrospective–at Tate Britain, and to mixed reviews of his more recent work. Since moving to Trinidad, he has begun experimenting with new forms and pared down medium. (To borrow a phrase, he has “cut the crap.”) Check out the video at the Guardian about the influence of the Caribbean on his work.

His more recent paintings are less flamboyant, minus the glitter and dung, etc. The curator Judith Nesbitt says to Culture 24:

“He says he’s doing more of the listening now, working in a more open-minded way, letting it be, waiting to see where it’s going to go.That’s one of the most exciting factors in this exhibition. He’s still a young artist. He’s got some way to go.”

Iscariot blues, 2007

Some of the buzz:

  • “At a beautiful and provocative Tate show, we see the artist and his elephant droppings in a new and improved light” Times Online

6 thoughts on “Buzz Buzz: Chris Ofili at Tate Britain

  1. Nice, post. The No Woman, No Cry piece is powerful and the video is interesting. In the video, I liked the illumination of the paintings shown in the Tate installation in the photo you post. The darkened room makes it eerie and quite effective.

  2. Schlep! Schlep away!

    LLL’s right-the installation looks quite powerful.

    The links are everywhere, and I’ve read so much about his work I feel like I deserve to see some of it.

    Yes, the Guardian interview is esp good, no?

  3. Just catching up on your blog posts – love Iscariot Blues – thanks for posting this. And regarding your other post – also a fan of rust- trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my work.

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