Carlos Quintana

La cosa está mala 2008

Contemporary art in Cuba seems on one hand to be flourishing, with studios all over Havana asking you to come in and have a look at some brightly-colored, expressive paintings– all done rather skillfully. They start to look the same after a while. However, Carlos Quintana had a show up (in a proper gallery, no less) that really impressed me.

Quintana was born in Havana in 1966 and went to art school there. I found that he moved to Madrid, where he currently resides, in 1993. The large canvases with bright washes and splatters of color that he uses belie the darker undercurrent of his figures. In the work below, he slaps on paint in a manner more violent than cartoonish, and the size of the canvas (79 x 79 in.) can overwhelm. Yet the Senorita’s innocent expression and sea foam green dress add a wistfulness to the composition.

Senorita Elegante 2008

More, and better images of, his work on Artnet.

4 thoughts on “Carlos Quintana

  1. I loved learning about this Cuban artist & appreciated seeing the large body of his work on Artnet. His figures have a haunting beauty. I am sure they must be very impressive to see in full scale.

  2. I think I agree with you ArtSparker.

    Sally, I’m glad you liked his work too. It lucky his work is up there and that he exhibits outside Cuba. I don’t think there would be an online reservoir for his work otherwise.

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