Catching Up

I’ve been away a long time now. On vacation, seeing family and old friends, but not, as it happens seeing much art. I’m catching up on my google reader now and coming across all kinds of good things though:

  • I would like my holiday decorations to somehow channel this.
  • An always funny literary agent blog. Writers, take note of what not to do.
  • Theory: great male artists have more sex.
  • My [awesome] [wonderful] donation-based yoga studio, Yoga To the People, is being sued by Bikram for teaching hot yoga. This is ridiculous. Sign the petition.
  • More gorgeous, luminescent Chinese illustrations like the one above.

And, now, tis the holiday season and New York remains an almost balmy 55 degrees and sunny. Pandora is set on the Christmas station, I’ve already done all my holiday shopping, and now if I can just catch up on my reading, art viewing, blogging, and writing, I’ll be all set until the New Year.

4 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Nice, I think that could totally work small scale. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing that site–I love finding new places and that aesthetic is so different from what I normally see.

    Bikram is ridiculous. [Insert eye roll here.]

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