are difficult to photograph.

You walk down a spiral staircase 40 or 50 feet, and walk out in this egg-shaped cave half full of water. The artificial lighting casts shadows on the crevices in the limestone and the stalactites drip into the crystal clear water.

The water is so clear, it’s hard to imagine that the rocks you see so clearly are 30 feet below the surface.

So you take multiple photos, trying to capture the effect.

Once again, you curse yourself for not buying some really expensive, nice camera before you started this long adventure. You think of all the shots you missed over the last few months of traveling. Then you jump in the cold water and swim with the black, eyeless fishies.

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  1. Wow, even though you may feel you were unable to truly capture it, your photos are beautiful to me. With you description I can imagine how lovely it must have been to be there. Thanks for taking me to new places.

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