Claudia Wieser: The Mirror


Words cannot tell how much I enjoyed this show, so I am posting all my pictures of Claudia Wieser’s show at Marianne Boesky gallery that ended recently. The Berlin artist’s work reminded me of the mystic side of this year’s Central Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, which opened with a darkened round space of Carl Jung’s Red Book drawings that journeyed deep into the psychoanalyst’s subconscious. Yet The Mirror contains itself in structured geometric forms, and a seemingly endless chain of art historical references whose multiplicity is reinforced by the patterned mirrors.


The mirrors, prints, tapestries, and leaning wood elements, taken to the height of wallpaper, enforced through their flatness the artificial construction of the space even as they beguile the viewer. The size contrasts with the small drawings on paper aligned in rows on the wall. The artist cites the influence of Kandinsky and Klee, which is apparent, and takes her title from Tarkovsky’s film, which shares a dreamlike sense of non-linear time.

Per usual lately, I’m posting this after the show has already closed…but otherwise I would definitely recommend checking it out.






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