Disco color: Chino Amobi’s Pregnancy Pact

Star, 2010

 Yes, that is an anime figure on her shoulder (and double yes, these bright colors signify I am no longer planning my funeral.) This mixed media work makes no secret of its pastiche of influence and sources, but one of the things that really impressed me when I saw these works by Chino Amobi was how seamlessly the elements work together.

Sailor’s Black Virgin, 2010
Through November 7th at Like the Spice Gallery, this bright show with a bit of a disco feel integrates color and cultural, medium and message in a shock to the system. The artist combines cultural references from anime to his Nigerian roots in these energetic pieces, and somehow it works, which is surprising (maybe) and kind of awesome. I tend toward the understated and simple in my aesthetic, but I can appreciate the bombast and vibrancy displayed here, not least because its so well-done. 

So, enjoy a little disco color to jumpstart your Monday morning.

Milk My Chain, 2010

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