Dr. Seuss’s Taxidermic Sculptures

Am I the only person who did not know that Dr. Seuss created large, taxidermic sculptures of imaginary creatures? I’ll file this under “Things you learn at a wine and cheese party on a Saturday night.”

The website has reference to Dr. Suess’s ‘secret’ art as well, but it’s not nearly as exciting as you would think.

6 thoughts on “Dr. Seuss’s Taxidermic Sculptures

  1. Very random I thought. I was quite happy with Dr. Seuss being the old man who wrote childrens books and now I find out that he has a whole other life. I went through the same thing with Mr. Rogers

    ; )

  2. I’m sure if it counts as taxidermy unless he… actually created those beasts and THEN stuffed them.

    That would be very creepy indeed…

    But everything in the art world pales in comparison to Dali’s museum/home in Spain. You haven’t seen weird stuff until you’ve seen a line of 10 ‘butt molds’, entitled ‘Kisses’ — a line of 10, puckering anuses… lovely.

  3. I assume by ‘pale in comparison,’ you mean does ‘not persist glaringly in memory despite attempts to forget’

    Never knew that about Dali.

  4. Actually he did use parts of animals. The first sculpture kangaroo bird was originally made with a read toucan beak. The rest of the sculptures were man made but he used horns and beaks in the ones these are copied off of.

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