Dr. Wicked’s Write or Die

Continuing the Halloween theme, this writer’s application is evil, fun and useful all at the same time. Dr. Wicked’s Write or Die lab lets you put in the number of words you want and a time length. Then you choose between Gentle, Normal, or Kamikaze mode. Then you press go…and if you don’t start typing and keep typing the white background starts to go red and crazy consequences ensue. Negative reinforcement has never before used the Hanson Brothers MmmBop to such good effect.

And in other scariness, Halloween best in show photo! Unfortunately it was POURING and we never made it into the parade, but at least I got to see this girl with her amazing claws and head. I would also post the man wearing only a bunch of leather straps with a huge feathered headress (because it was pretty scary too!) but I’m afraid my blog would get flagged. So use your imagination.

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