Dumbo Art Festival

Starting today, the DUMBO Arts Under the Bridge Festival is kicking off in–you guessed it–DUMBO. Artists contribute temporary site specific installations and transform the area. Many artists also open their studios to the public. Normally I would just wander around and see what their is to see, but I’m doing something a little bit more tomorrow afternoon.

I agreed to help lead an art walk. Unlike a place like Chelsea, here we’ll just have to see what there is to see. But that should be a lot of fun. It supposed to be wonderful weather all weekend so, if you feel like some serendipitous artsy wandering, come out.

2 thoughts on “Dumbo Art Festival

  1. Fun…but sorely lacking in knit graffiti. You should have been there.

    There were two men in tight knitted jumpsuits that completely covered them from head to toe, but they had some stealth thing going on.

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