Duy Huynh: A Magical Realist at the Crossroads of East and West

Floating Meditation
I’ve been neglecting my blog, but I am happy to have done a little bit of writing on Duy Huynh’s paintings–up now at Escape Into Life Online Arts Journal. For the most part his works are a mystical take on Magical Realism which is quite dreamy (in a good way). This image struck me as very like some of the reworkings of the Bhudda by contemporary Tibetan artists at the Rubin museum
Other paintings seem more into Western modes and tropes. Exempla gratis: man in bowler hat below.
Time Flies
Time does fly–it’s nearly fall. I’m looking forward to being more with you then. Until then, happy summer!

7 thoughts on “Duy Huynh: A Magical Realist at the Crossroads of East and West

  1. Hi Linnea – so nice to meet you! Thank you for your lovely comment on my latest blog posting. I like your posting here – I do love the whole magical realism genre, in art and books. Have you read Garcia Marquez? Highly recommend you do.

  2. Thanks and thanks. His work is really lovely.

    Debrina–Love “Love in the Time of Cholera” but somehow that’s the only work if his I’ve manged to read. I should add another to my reading list.

    I agree–I made it my desktop picture in hoes it would keep me feeling zen. Mixed results so far.:)

    Thanks, Sophie, much appreciated. Thanks for stopping by!

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