Elementary, my dear Times

Theorem: Idea 1 + Idea 2 = Idea 3

1) The Times reports that YBA artist Michael Landy is creating an Art Bin for himself and the general public to throw artwork into as a “monument to creative failure.”


2) The Times reports that another YBA, Damien Hirst, is the face of the past decade in art. Sic,

“Hirst’s bespectacled mug has dominated the British art scene over the past decade since he led his gang of Goldsmiths-trained artists out of the garret and into the market. … Even when banking systems crumbled he remained undaunted. When the fuss had died down, his face popped up again. He had gone back to the garret and taken up painting. The only difference was that now he could afford to pay for the heating.”


3) We throw Hirst in the Art Bin…?

3 thoughts on “Elementary, my dear Times

  1. Hirst is way overblown, in my opinion, to say the least.

    I do feel bad that the other failed creative projects would have to sink in a sea of formaldehyde.

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