Finally, a Formal Introduction

So I’m afraid I may have been rude, dear reader. All these posts, and we’ve never been formally introduced. So please, accept my apologies and watch this video:

It’s been a pleasure to meet you. Leave a comment and introduce yourself.

8 thoughts on “Finally, a Formal Introduction

  1. Thank you MikeT, for the love of pictures, and Anonymous–especially Anonymous, ; ).

    As for the second Anonymous (what a popular name), yes probably, but if the wrapper was torn open and you could see where the chocolate casing had been torn open and smushed back together, perhaps with a jagged glint of glass sticking out, then no. I would politely return it.

  2. Hi Art – I’ve known you a long time but never realized before that you look a lot like Lisa Giocondo… 🙂

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