Genius: Vegetable Heads ala Photoshop and Mannerism

Linnea’s Melonhead

As you can probably tell from my melonhead, I am the child prodigy of my Intro to Photoshop course I started last night. Last night’s assignment was to take all these different fruit and veggies and make them into a melonhead, in a file named–at my teacher’s insistence–“Linnea’s Melonhead.” Hmmm.

Obviously, I’m not good at all, which is why I am taking the course. If I was good, I would have found a way to split the kiwi mouth into upper and lower lip and turned them into animated gifs that moved up and down like he was talking.

In the great tradition of melon and other cruciferous heads, mine doesn’t rank next to these:

Summer by Giuseppe Archimboldo, as are those below

Man in the Vegetables

I think Man in the Vegetables is probably my favorite of these bizarre works, with his sly peeping expression, but this angular, incredibly modern-seeming man of books is also amazing when you think that Arcimboldo painted it in 1566:

3 thoughts on “Genius: Vegetable Heads ala Photoshop and Mannerism

  1. I just made an armature out of branches so my friend in the flower store could make an Archimboldo head. I’ll be sure to show her this post when I’m in there.

    Your teacher sounds like a fun one.

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