Go Art Yourself

This could be you!

The typical American, even with a limited interest in art, knows that those painted things hanging on the walls of museums are valuable and special. This American probably doesn’t know that a quick trip to China–well, to Made in China.com–could bring that same value and specialness to his living room wall, via an oil portrait. If you provide the site with a photograph, they’ll have their workers churn out a hand painted, 100% oil portrait of you, your family, or your dog.

If you’re more into sculpture, why not create a statue of yourself out of precious metals? You Look Like A Million will sculpt you in precious metals and gems; think Damien Hirst’s skull personallized on your coffee table. Now there’s a talking point. Note that this detail of a scupture of a boy from their website includes an iPod earbud. How modern.

For a more discreet yet fun touch, put on the cufflinks below. The head is molded to resemble your own. Everybody knows three heads are better than one. Forgive me the pun–this ridiculousness is getting to me.

For my next post, I’ll show you the wonders of the BEDAZZLER. And if you’re thinking this doesn’t count as art, why (post-Warhol) is that true?

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