Goodbye New York!

This time tomorrow I will be on a plane to St. Maarten. I have to say, the dismally cold and wet weather makes the parting all the sweeter. When I spoke to the real estate agent about it, she complained about the winter weather down there. You know, 85 degrees. She helped my boyfriend and I find an apartment with a view of the ocean.

At this point, I’ve been living out of a backpack for over a week, staying with various people, and making some very long commutes. I’m ready to leave! Blogging will resume at a normal schedule once I settle in. I have a backlog of things I want to write about, and just haven’t had a chance to focus on (or an Internet connection, depending on where I am staying).
One of the things I’ve been thinking about is the best way to spend all this newfound free time. I want to finish the novel. I want to do some freelance travel writing. But there are so many other things I hope to do–learn how to speak French and play chess. Build a website (I’ve wanted to make a new home for this blog for a long time). Read Proust and all of Dickens. Try to revive my dying Italian. Scuba dive. Online classes. So many things. If you can think of a good project, send it my way.
But for now, I’m off.
Hello St. Maarten!

8 thoughts on “Goodbye New York!

  1. Bon voyage!

    If you decide to tackle Dickens, I’d suggest trying the stuff that has rarely been filmed and is least read: OUR MUTUAL FRIEND, DOMBEY AND SON, MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT. These books might vary in quality compared with his more famous stuff, but sometimes a writer’s misses are as fascinating as his hits.

    If you’d like a Victorian besides Dickens, look to Anthony Trollope. I’m particularly keen on THE WAY WE LIVE NOW.

    I envy you. I can’t wait to see the writing this sojourn will produce!

  2. I think quite a few of us are feeling a tiny bit envious – you’re living the dream.

    Enjoy the reading and writing. I’ll think of you when I’m stuck in a traffic jam in the rain 😉

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