Happies and Unhappies

On the other hand Renoir paints happy images full of color, and his images became even brighter and more colorful as he aged and the very act of painting grew physically painful due to rheumatoid arthritis.Recently, an article on Marlene Dumas’s exhibition at MoMA remarked that for someone whose subjects are so dark, the artist is cheerful to the point of bubbly.I offer examplesof a paradox: unhappy people produce happy art, and happy people produce unhappy art. The unhappies desperately need to salvage some remnant of hope, and the happies need to dig into their lightly-held worries for material to create. Does that mean unhappy people find the creative process blissful, and happy ones find it torture? Certainly, one can’t equate the emotion felt by the artist while producing and the emotion sensed by the viewer of the product.

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