Hi from Beantown

I woke up rather groggily on a futon this morning, stumbled over to the window, and saw people sculling on the Charles River and gorgeous Autumn foliage. Last night I caught the Chinatown bus and 4 hours and 15 minutes later I was in Boston for the first time.

Of course some walking around, some brunch, maybe some clam chowder are on the agenda (although not chowder at brunch), but does anybody have any special recommendations? I was thinking the Gardner Museum would be good, and my host said the Museum of Fine Arts and the ICA were also excellent.

I’m excited to start exploring. Even late last night, Boston seemed so genteel compared to New York, with it’s clean streets and T stations. But everyone else in the house is still sleeping! Not only does this mean I can’t explore, it means no breakfast. The only comestibles in sight are a half-eaten dark chocolate and coconut bonbon and a bottle of Bushmills. So I suppose there’s plenty of time if you want to mention any favorite brunch spots too.

8 thoughts on “Hi from Beantown

  1. You know, I’ve been to Boston a number of times and I have no recommendations on where to go. I like it there. We usually end up somewhere around the Commons. I went to a museum once. They had a bunch of John Singer Sargents.

    But Boston’s not more genteel than New York. It’s much less. In the center of Boston you might not notice, the way you might not notice it in Center City Philadelphia or 57th and Fifth in Manhattan. But people from Boston are all pissed off. A friend of mine grew up in Boston and he said what a relief it was to move to New York where you can go to the supermarket without a fistfight breaking out.

  2. I wish I had seen this before now! haha I was there this weekend too and totally could’ve given you recommendations since I lived there for four years! Let me know if you head back that way and I can make you a fun list 😉

  3. I did go to the Paul Revere house, and the ‘One if By Land, Two if By Sea’ church. Walked the whole freedom trail in fact. It’s a really lovely city

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