Hyperreality and 1Q84

I’m in the middle of 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami (fantastic, genius, must-read). As I was reading it this morning, I got sucked into a tangent about hyperreality and the “medium is the message.” Then someone I know posted this photo, and suddenly I’m glancing out the window to see if there are two moons in the sky.

Note, gentle reader, I might be overly caffeinated.

Also of interest: Thomas Edison’s eccentric job interview questionnaire.

2 thoughts on “Hyperreality and 1Q84

  1. Wandered over for a quick read here… much to muse on… and chuckle over too…
    Great posts indeed!
    ha… i just popped over to your twitter and you’d tweeted on my new post…
    thanks for the fins cart to the day…

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