I love her spiders: Louise Bourgeois

I do love her spiders and I love the personality that worked right up to all of 98 years old. May we all be inspired to keep working for so long. It had me digging through the archives for my trip to Dia:Beacon last year.

Louise Bourgeois’ Spiders

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

“My work has always been a recording of my emotions. It’s not a concept that I’m after, but an emotion that I want to keep or destroy. All of my sculptures have the sense of vulnerability and fragility. Sexuality is one theme tied to those two states of being.” –Bourgeois, 2006 interview

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3 thoughts on “I love her spiders: Louise Bourgeois

  1. I love the pic of the spider. Boy I would like to have that in my garden 🙂 or in a large entryway in a house wheeeeeeeeeee!

    I love too that at 98 she was still at it.

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