iheart variations upon variations

This past Friday I had the chance to see this print, along with four other symbol prints in the iheart variation 003 series by Seth Carnes, arranged and re-arranged on the walls of the Roger Smith Hotel. (Check out some of the configurations here.) The artist considers the symbols “volatile and alive.” Seeing other people put the prints into different relationships with each other was fun and intriguing…as was seeing the other artist’s prints that were created in response to this series. How fitting that these prints are available on ArtWeLove, so anyone can take these symbols home and, by putting them together in different ways, contribute to their meaning.

iheart variation 003 by Seth Carnes

Then to add variation upon variation, other artists were invited to respond to these prints. The results were as unique as you might imagine:

iheart variation 003_001, variation by Molly Dilworth
iheart variation 003_007, variation by Changha Hwang

More variations on the work here.

The collaborative nature of the original series, and the further artist variations, celebrates the interlacing of meaning without ego and grows richer for it. If you are in New York and want to do your own remix of the original series, visit the Roger Smith Hotel lobby corridor, which is lined with a grid of 15 framed prints, and re-mix, re-arrange, and re-sequence to your heart’s content every Tuesday, and second and fourth Sundays at 6pm, through January 9.

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