Imitation of Picasso

The end of my neighbor’s wall was puzzling me. The edged bit seemed quasi-human. I couldn’t figure out quite what it reminded me off, then I thought it rather had the same sense as this view from Picasso’s villa in Antibes.

Now I think it was something else I was trying to remember– a white face formed rather like PacMan, facing left?– but I can’t put my finger on the title or artist of this imagined painting. Of course, if you look hard enough, you can see anything in a bit of wall. The island is having its effect on me; perhaps the glaring sun is creating mirages.

Do you know what I’m thinking of, or has this anthropomorphic bit of wall played tricks on my imagination?


5 thoughts on “Imitation of Picasso

  1. So annoyed I can’t think of what this reminds me of. I initially also saw the pac man likeness that Christine mentions, but there is something else that just isn’t coming into focus in my mush memory.

    I thought of some of Eduardo Chillida’s scultpures as well, but he mainly works in metal and can’t find one that closely resembles the building.

    This keeps clawing at me. I couldn’t even enjoy the Art Ravels coffee meets tea movie for wont of concentration! Perhaps your next stop after the island will be the Cannes film fest.

  2. Well, I’m relieve to not be the only highly imaginative mind out there…I thought it would have come to me by now, but no luck.

    It’s amazing what you can see when you look.

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