Isaac Tin Wei Lin at The Print Center, Philadelphia

Speaking of successful installations, One of Us by Philadelphia artist Isaac Tin Wei Lin is a site-specific installation up at The Print Center that I had a chance to see over my visit to Philadelphia this weekend. The exhibition fills the upper gallery with 2- and 3- dimensional printed and painted works inspired by Islamic calligraphy, cartoons, and current events.

3-D glasses definitely added to the Magic Eye sense of optical illusion created by the bright, small patterns covering the walls. The artist created over 600 screen prints to cover the walls and floor. Between that and being able to walk through the painted cat cutouts, I really enjoyed the installation as a whole, and how well it was constructed to be appreciated from all angles. I also like the glasses because they make me look cool.

I’m surprised at how well the different elements worked together, as what should have been an epileptic cacophony became a really fun, explorative installation that worked–with or without 3-D glasses.

Up through November 20 if you happen to be in the area. I actually saw lots of great art there this weekend, which I’m going to try to write about including the awesome Michelangelo Pistoletti at the PMA.

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