Joie de vivre & Matisse

The Dance, 1909, Henri Matisse

I’m in an inexplicably good mood this morning. These dancers of Matisse came to mind. While I have seen the work at MoMA, I never took especial notice of it. I’m not sure why my mind landed on this, but it is indeed a joyful work. And the colors!

If you’re in need of a color surge to wake you up, may I recommend googling images of Matisse?

5 thoughts on “Joie de vivre & Matisse

  1. Isn’t that one of the wonderful things about taking in great works of art? A few will enthrall us instantly but others can take a long time to work their magic and it is only much later and far away that we see the spell they cast on us. Quite a nice trio you have this morning — an inexplicably good mood, vibrant colors and Matisse.

  2. He did, Ed, this is the first version that hangs at MoMA.

    Yes, LLL, some things work on you slowly. This painting just seemed “nice” but I’m starting to think its rather wonderful.

    When I worked for a museum, we always had the best art print cards at our disposal…but I guess I’ve used all mine too over the years.

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