Keys to the City

From now until June 27, you can have the key to New York city, and unlike all the keys given to dignitaries and such, this one will actually open things. Creative Time with Paul Ramirez Jones has organized Key to the City, a public art project that has you out and about unlocking secrets with a artist-designed key. The key will unlock places across the five boroughs, including doors at the Whitney Museum, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and other exciting locations. Pick up your key at Times Square and let me know what you find!

3 thoughts on “Keys to the City

  1. No, I haven’t tried it, but a friend of mine is helping staff the event. After a key giving ceremony, you can go to many different locations–I thought more than five–and open something. Some are actual doors–like at the Brooklyn Museum of Art I believe it is a door in a gallery that opens on to rarely displayed jewels, while at another location there is a sort of drop box where people can take or leave things for the next person. So those two at least seem really neat.

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