Kline & Motherwell

How is it that I knew and loved Franz Kline, but MoMA’s Abstract Expressionist New York was the first time I really appreciated Robert Motherwell?

New York, Franz Kline

No. 7, Franz Kline

Zinc Doors, Franz Kline

 I still have a lot of art historical catching up to do. This whole time it’s as if Robert Motherwell was waiting in the wings for me, so to speak.

Elegy 57, Robert Motherwell

Elegy to the Spanish Republic, Robert Motherwell
Beside the Sea, Robert Motherwell

Beside the Sea, above, is a new favorite of mine. Clearly, I love the stark palette with the bold, expressive brushstrokes. Both artist’s work vary much more than what I’m showing here. Yet the similarity is still distinct, and belies some of the difference that the exhibition stresses.


2 thoughts on “Kline & Motherwell

  1. Well, it may be my father’s health issues that are causing me to think this way…but there is about this work something reassuringly Dad-like, this very strong architecture, as if something can be built for the ages, no worries. Even though I know there are female abstract expressionists.

  2. I see that very much in the Kline…They are all very strong, self-assured pieces. Doesn’t it go so far as to be a stereotype even—“bunch of macho male AbEx painters”.

    Motherwell with his round central shapes kind of throws me threw a loop though-in a good way.

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