Marilyn [sic] Monroe according to Philippe Parreno

Marilyn Monroe, in preparation of a spiritual tension (5 parts) is a new work by Phillipe Parreno that was on view at the Armory at the Pilar Corrias Gallery. I typically don’t think words are used well in art pieces, but these are an exception. These dreamy images were beautifully done.

The Algerian-born artist lives and works in France. There’s a nice interview with Parreno from 2010 in the Guardian that discusses the enviorment-based works he more typically creates. Objects like these drawings are rarer for him, and he says that “‘Art is filled with things that aren’t so much objects but quasi-objects.’ What are they then? ‘Objects whose existence is dependent on their context’.” These drawings still suggest an involved story without the extensive environment he sometimes creates.

I saw more examples of the artist’s work on the Pilar Corrias website, including these (involving penguins):

We might be soulmates. 😉

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