Matthew Barney and Bjork, and Facebook?

Matthew Barney, artist, and Bjork, musician, are a glam, hip celebrity couple. A tidbit on Art Fag City rumoured that Barney ‘Facebooked divorced’ Bjork. While it is amazing in that these cool adults update their relationship status like tweens across the world, it is probably completely untrue. Delicious bit of gossip though.

Barney is perhaps best known for his Cremaster cycle, and Bjork for her swan dress, erm vocal abilities. I’ve always been struck by how these unsteriotypical people, who seem very much outside of society’s narrow perscriptums, fulfill gender stereotypes.

Matthew Barney had a strong background in science and works rationally, methodically and precisely. The Cremaster cycle takes the cremaster muscle as the start of a biologically-based exploration of creation through a series of videos. Bjork, like her much of her singing, is emotionally-driven,intuitive, and wild. The New York Times captured this in a 2006 article:

“In person, they are sometimes strikingly different. Mr. Barney, 38, is friendly but detached and analytical, exuding a conceptual coolness that is reflected in his films…By contrast, Bjork, 40, who arrived alone for the interview in white rubber rain boots and a sweater with a knitted owl across the front, was animated and introspective. She said her music was always grounded in her life and her emotions…That often made collaboration with Mr. Barney a disorienting experience.”

For the record, I always liked the dress.

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