Mi a magyar? at Kunsthalle, Budapest

Kunsthalle, Budapest

“What is Hungarian? Contemporary Answers” at the Kunsthalle brings together over 50 Hungarian artists in a large exhibition that covers a diverse group of perspectives on a rather contentious topic. As part of my initial orientation in Hungary a few weeks ago, the group was taken to Hero’s Square in Budapest, which is flanked by the Museum of Fine Arts on one side and the Kunsthalle on the other. I had already heard about the exhibition, but still I took the photo above marveling at the coincidence.  As it happens, this is the only recent exhibition to deal with national identity in Hungarian contemporary art and it coincidentally opened in time for my arrival here, to work on a project related to just that topic.

Coincidence, or timeliness?

Attila Now, 2012 by Gergo Kovach , Norbert Koterman  and Barna Peli

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