Michael Raedecker’s stitched “tour” at Andrea Rosen Gallery, Chelsea


These stitched canvas of chandeliers really drew me into the space at Andrea Rosen, where Michael Raedecker’s latest show tour is up through October 5. (Was up!–guess I just caught it). At first, I thought they were heavily painted, but then I realized the objects were embroidered into the picture before being painted over in monochrome silvers, deep blues, greys, and beiges.



I saw silver chandeliers, and immediately thought ‘how neo-baroque,’ especially with thread bursting from the canvas. However, more of the canvases represent houses. In them, the rectilinear lines and depictions of facade parallel the flat geometry of the exposed areas of color around the stitched areas. The surface of these areas of color are variated and indistinct in a nice complement to the richly textured surface.



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