Miklos Gulyas at Mai Mano


I went to Mai Mano to check out the Vivian Maier show, and the Art Nouveau building itself, but then discovered some recent street photography by Miklos Gulyas in a show upstairs.


The artist says of the works that:

“When I go out into the streets, I often seem to find that, among other things, common sense is missing most. Poverty and barrenness are not unusual phenomena; as we lived in some sort of ongoing, ridiculous, unnecessary indulgence where, slowly, practicality becomes deviance.”

This critical social viewpoint becomes clear as one sees all the images the flaneur has collected on his walks around Budapest. I especially like the American flag track suit and the Rubik’s cube purse, and all the amalgamation of culture in between, in a style Gulyas calls “caricature-realism.”




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