Among my Christmas gifts, I received a copy of Tove Jansson’s Finn Family Moomintroll. My Swedish mother had always made sure I was caught up on Pippi Longstockings and Linnea in Monet’s Garden, but she was very excited about finding an English translation of these children’s books. I have never heard of a Moomin before, but let me assure you that they grow on you. Yay for delightful childrens books! (All my pickled brain is capable of enjoying at the moment. New Years isn’t likely to help either.)

This is Moominpappa, trying on the hobgoblin’s tophat. Moominmamma, who always sleeps with her handbag under her head, has to explain to him that some people look more dignified without hats.

The Moomins have wonderful adventures with their friends in Moomin valley. For more on Moomins, see here.

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