Naomi Grossman’s Seated Woman at the DUMBO Arts Festival

Seated Woman, 2010

The DUMBO Arts Festival 2010 was, as always, a chance to stroll around a cute neighborhood and see art in a stunning backdrop, but this past Saturday was a little low energy compared to last year. I did see some nice pieces like this wire sculpture by Naomi Grossman, a NYFA MARK Program Artist. I thought the pose of the sculpture very suggestive and loaded with emotion. On the wall behind there was more amorphic wire, and from the artist’s website I take it she does whole rooms of wire with furniture and people. I also love the delicacy of all the thin wires. It’s very akin to making graphite pencil lines in 3D.

Another shot with my terrible camera-Seated Woman

4 thoughts on “Naomi Grossman’s Seated Woman at the DUMBO Arts Festival

  1. Ah, thanks Sally. Looking forward to being all moved in.

    Wires are such a nice medium, no?

    Yes, JafaBrit, I wish I could see some of her more complex installations

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