Natural Connections

Bush, Cole Bay, Anguilla

Maelstorm, 2009, Roxy Paine

Assemblage in shape of teepee, Anguila

Metropolitan 139, 1961, Jean Tinguely

Rainbow over the valley, St. Maarten

Hell Yes, 2001, Ugo Rondinone

Also, I did not get a picture of this, but coming back on the ferry from Anguilla I saw a sky just this color blue over the distant hills of Saint Maarten, and a single star had the same electrifying effect that this moon does.

The Sleeping Gypsy, 1897, Henri Rousseau


5 thoughts on “Natural Connections

  1. It’s so true–I realized that all the art I was using as a comparison I had seen in New York.

    Thanks JafaBrit, it’s great to have one of those moments when you make a mental connection like these. Seeing the bush immediately reminded me of Maelstorm and I had an aha moment. The work makes more sense to me because of it.

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