New York Agenda: First Week of March

There is never a bad time to come to New York and look at art. As it happens, my return to New York comes at the same time as the art fairs–what a pleasant coincidence. So many things are happening! This is my personal top 5 drool list;

  • Scope and Pulse Art Fairs: Lots of art and people crowded in together in order to completely overwhelm, or something like that. Come highly caffeinated.
  • The Armory Show: The prestigious, sprawling, and expensive ($30) forerunner of them all. Tip: start writing an art blog and then ask for a press pass, claiming you are revolutionizing the industry. Maybe someday they will believe you.
  • Independant: The new art fair that isn’t. Called a “hybrid model and temporary exhibition forum,” its showing work from some top notch galleries withOUT the lame entry fee. Here here.
  • Whitney Biennial: Never been to this historic show and looking forward to seeing the wide mix of artists. Bonus points for being less hectic than the fairs.
  • William Kentridge at MoMA: My friend was talking to me about the production Kentridge designed for the Met Opera, the NY Times article on exhibition design touches on it, Art:21 videos remind me of it. The whole world is whispering “go see this show.”

Luckily I can! I missed the art scene during this island time. It will be tough to squeeze all this into a week along with more humdrum bits of business. Then I’m off again.

3 thoughts on “New York Agenda: First Week of March

  1. I think it will be a little tough for me, Bill. I was overwhelmed last year…and I’m much less used to the hustle and bustle now.

    Yes, louciao, I can probably do it all, but the real trick is to remember it all somehow…

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