Non-political streeet art in Cuba?

It wasn’t all Che and political slogans. Somebody in Cienfuegoes had a lot of fun with the mural above and below. Click for the full size version of the mural above to see how nicely the artist did her eyes.

In Havana, this long wall along the Paseo Marti had an intricate mural running down toward the Malecon. What’s going on? I’m not entirely sure, but it involves a cigar, a film strip, and the head of Aristotle on a column interspersed with darker, more realistic scenes.

I suspect, rather than being deviant, these works must have gotten the official stamp to have survived in the prominent locations that they have.

5 thoughts on “Non-political streeet art in Cuba?

  1. Wow, the girl is amazing!

    Don’t forget that THEY haven’t been defaced by other graffiti artists, which is probably the best sign that they’re officially sanctioned 🙂

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