Note: I am not dead…

nor have I been quite as productive as I had imagined when I got the idea to take a blog break. My novel isn’t finished–but I’m really excited to have a complete draft. Now I just need to mold it into something coherent and staggeringly genius.

I’m almost finished with my application for a grant to research emerging artists in Hungary. Keep your fingers crossed on that front, and perhaps yours intrepidly will be corresponding from Budapest in a year’s time.
Also, I finally got to harvest my urban garden! The four tomatoes are scrawny and ugly. However, let me brag about my amazing hot peppers. My herbs are growing like weeds, and I can’t make enough mojitos to keep up with my mint plant.

Despite having been away almost a month, this is not the resumption of your regularly scheduled blog. I’ll be back in full force after a long Labor day weekend. And my god!, the art world is exploding with awesomeness at that time. I would need to take a vacation just to see it all (but I won’t : ). Jerry Saltz’s pick for the upcoming season here. Mine to come!

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